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Telephone: 020 7666 3222

Training & Fitness Activities

Walking & Hiking



Disc Golf


Freshwater Aerobics

Rock & Wood Play

Bodyweight Training

Board Paddling


Qi Gong

Horse riding

This is a selection of available activities, which are subject to variation

Included in your holiday

Initial health status, fitness and functional assessments


Personal Prescription Plan

Meal Plan

3 to 5 Daily individual & group activities to:

get lean & agile

increase fitness & strength

improve posture & flexibilty

Daily Consultations & Treatments incl:



energy treatments

beauty treatments

Daily Lectures & Discussions to:

teach the principles and aid understanding

End of course Re-assessment

Continuing Support Plan


Holidays & Retreats

Fit-to-Live Fitness Holidays and Health Retreats use naturopathic, evolutionary medicine principles to help you optimise your health and fitness.

Set in a stunning and diverse landscape of lakes and mountains that makes training and exercising a daily pleasure.

Whatever your aim:

Weight Loss,

to quickly increase your Fitness or Strength,

Rehabilitate after Injury or Illness

simply to Feel Healthier

or to get Fit for Pregnancy

Whether you are young or old, fit or flabby, we can help you get Fit-to-Live.

You will leave us strong and full of energy, an expert on your body, knowledgeable about nutrition and with all the information you need to continue your new lifestyle and progress in your life goals.

We aim to provide clear, simple descriptions of how to eat, move and live to optimise your health and fitness.

We make diet and nutrition easy, showing you how to find your own best nutritional plan with the most nutritious foods available and helping you make changes that you will be able to continue with ease at home.

We show you how to balance exercise and rest to achieve your personal fitness goals whatever your age, ability and lifestyle.

You are treated as an individual with your own personal nutritional, exercise and treatment plan.  You are welcome on your own, as a couple, with a friend, with your family or as a group.